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in monarchical states, several monarchs of the same lineage (family) who succeed each other on the throne by right of inheritance (for example, the Romanovs in Russia, the Hapsburgs in Austria-Hungary, and the Valois and Bourbons in France).

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House Bill 3587 defines political dynasty "as the concentration, consolidation, or perpetuation of public office and political power by persons related to one another.
The proposed measure further states that a political dynasty exists where two or more spouses or relatives within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity run simultaneously for elective public office within the same province, even if neither is related to an incumbent elected official.
BEIRUT: The seat of the Salam political dynasty was once more buzzing with activity this weekend following Tammam Salam's appointment as prime minister-designate Saturday.
30 Wolverhampton An Italian humanist and poet of the 15th century, Poliziano spent most of his life in the service of the political dynasty the House of Medici, and his poetry was set by contemporary composers.
The rights for The Huhne House of Horrors - the everyday story of a destroyed wannabe political dynasty - could reach six figures.
The 22-year-old has had a string of boyfriends including singer Joe Jonas, actors Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal, and Conor Kennedy from the American political dynasty.
He minced no words when he accused the other political dynasty in Bangladesh -- run by BNP -- of targeting the minorities in his country and encouraging extremist views and create conditions conducive to terror.
The National Trust has turned down an invitation to take over responsibility for running Birmingham's Highbury Hall, the former home of the Chamberlain political dynasty.
The Johnson family are clearly trying to create a political dynasty covering both ends of the age spectrum.
Born into America's most powerful political dynasty - her mum Eunice was JFK's little sister - Maria could have easily followed the unspoken code of long-suffering Kennedy women: put up and shut up.
And in Dublin North Central, which saw the curtain closed on the Haughey political dynasty, Finian McGrath was in contention to take a seat.
Flags were lowered across Washington yesterday in tribute to the last member of an enduring political dynasty.

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