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see Institutional Revolutionary partyInstitutional Revolutionary party,
Span. Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Mexican political party. Established in 1929 as the National Revolutionary party by former President Plutarco Calles, it brought together the country's governmental, military, and
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(Primary Rate Interface) A digital transmission service for businesses from the telephone company. Widely used to connect a company PBX to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), PRI is an ISDN dial-up service that is based on the T1 line in North America (24 channels) and E1 in Europe (32 channels). Typically using four wire pairs, PRI/T1 provides 23 voice channels and one signaling channel, and PRI/E1 delivers 30 voice channels and two signaling channels. See ISDN, T1 and E1.
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The number of captive insurers writing political risk insurance has nearly doubled from 2013 to 2014, due to increased interest from multinational companies who are self-insuring.
Globally, Allied World s trade credit platform will retain providing short- and medium-term credit and political risk insurance targeting exporters, importers, financial institutions, contractors and investors with limits up to $25 million per obligator/guarantor, and for credit terms of up to five years.
MIGA's political risk insurance offers investors and lenders protection to overcome constraints that may hinder investment, the statement also reads.
A four page Executive Summary appears at the start and is followed by three chapters: World Investment Trends and Corporate Perspectives, The Political Risk Insurance Industry, and Breach of Contract.
Abdel RahmanTaha, the CEO of ICIEC said, "The signing of the MOU comes within the framework of ICIEC's mandate to support the development of its member countries by providing export credit and political risk insurance to investment projects".
The fund, sponsored by the government of Japan and the Palestinian Authority, aims at encouraging investment in the West Bank and Gaza by providing political risk insurance to both local and foreign investors.
In October 2009, the two concluded a memorandum of understanding by which OPIC agreed to provide ContourGlobal with financing and political risk insurance to support power projects in emerging markets, including highly energy-efficient facilities which substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Through the initiative, public and private sector enterprises could benefit from improved access to cross-border financing as a result of MIGA's provision of political risk insurance, which helps international investors mitigate non-commercial risks.
OPIC intends to provide political risk insurance and financing to ContourGlobal for 'tri-generation' plants - combining heat, power and chilled-water generation - and 'quad-generation' facilities which also capture carbon dioxide emissions for commercial and industrial uses.
ENERGY FIELDS SEIZED: The Bolivian government sent troops on May 1 to occupy 56 oil and gas installations, mostly controlled by foreign companies, alarming trade credit and political risk insurance markets.
The Risks We Run: Mining, Communities and Political Risk Insurance

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