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Inflammation of several joints simultaneously.



simultaneous or successive inflammation of several joints. It may appear independently as infectious nonspecific (rheumatoid) polyarthritis, or it may be caused by such diseases as rheumatism, sepsis, and gout. Symptoms are pain in the joints, local swelling, and hyperemia of the skin; stiffness and deformation of the joints may occur. Polyarthritis is treated with antibiotics, antihistamines, immunodepressants, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory agents. Physiotherapy is also recommended.


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In this case, the final diagnosis of vertebral osteomyelitis and polyarthritis was made after euthanasia of the falcon and isolation of S hyicus from the vertebral lesion and the affected joints, liver, and lungs.
This symmetric polyarthritis that is prominent especially on the upper limbs led us to a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and methotrexate 10 mg/week was added to her medical therapy.
One of the patients developed fever; diffuse arthritis; an erythematous, maculopapular rash; and severe symmetric polyarthritis that persisted more than 5 months post infection.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a systemic inflammatory disease which manifests itself in multiple joints of the body with chronic polyarthritis (Silman and Hochberg 2001).
On occasion, only one joint is affected, but polyarthritis is common.
It is important to identify Lofgren's syndrome (consisting of erythema nodosum, bilateral hilar adenopathy, migratory polyarthritis and fever), as not only does it have a good prognosis, but it is also made without the need for histological proof.
PJIA, or juvenile idiopathic polyarthritis, is a form of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), also known as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
b) nonerosive, seronegative inflammatory polyarthritis, c) nasal chondritis, d) ocular inflammation, e) chondritis of respiratory system, and 0 audiovestibular damage.
Immuno-diagnostic findings in 'secondary' Sjogren syndrome in chronic polyarthritis.
Type II collagen induces an erosive polyarthritis in certain strains of rats, mice, and higher primates which can resemble rheumatoid arthritis and relapsing polychondritis.
Her current complaints were polyarthritis involving the small joints of her hands, elbows and knees with associated morning stiffness.
Leukocytoclastic vasculitis and polyarthritis associated with Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection.