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group of clear, thermoplastic polymerspolymer
, chemical compound with high molecular weight consisting of a number of structural units linked together by covalent bonds (see chemical bond). The simple molecules that may become structural units are themselves called monomers; two monomers combine to form a dimer,
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 used mainly as molding compounds (see plasticplastic,
any organic material with the ability to flow into a desired shape when heat and pressure are applied to it and to retain the shape when they are withdrawn. Composition and Types of Plastic
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). Polycarbonates are prepared by the reaction of an aromatic difunctional phenol with either phosgene or an aromatic or aliphatic carbonate. The commercially important polycarbonates use 2,2-bis (4-hydroxyphenol)-propane (bisphenol A) and diphenyl carbonate. This polymer is a clear plastic with a slight yellow discoloration. It has excellent electrical properties and a high impact strength.
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In what follows, Chapter 2 begins by summarizing where France fits into the world market for imported and exported polycarbonates, alkyd resins, and other polyesters in primary forms.
After the worldwide summary in Chapter 2 of both imports and exports of polycarbonates, alkyd resins, and other polyesters in primary forms, Chapter 3 goes into detail on imports, but for each major country of origin serving France.
The value chain analysis comprises a detailed evaluation of the roles of various entities involved in the polycarbonate industry, from raw material supplier to the end-user.
The polycarbonate market has been segmented based on its end-user applications, which include automotive, electronics, construction, optical media and packaging.
This report segments the global polycarbonate market as follows: Polycarbonate Market: Application Analysis Automotive Electronics Construction Optical media Packaging Others (Including medical implants, tableware, etc.
1 Global Polycarbonate Market, 2012 C 2019 (Kilo Tons) (USD Million) 2.
Rohm & Haas says Paraloid EXL-5137 is targeted for use with ABS, polycarbonate and polycarbonate/ABS blends.
In 60 [degrees] gloss tests, a 10% loading dropped the gloss value of a polycarbonate from 90% (unmodified) down to 50%; a PC/ABS blend went from 80% to 40% gloss; and an ABS sheet dropped from 75% gloss to 30%.
polycarbonate after oven aging for 65 hours at 284 F using the new modifier and two older MBS products, Paraloid EXL-3691 and EXL-3647, all at 8% loadings.
1 The Russian Federation: polycarbonate production, polycarbonate suppliers
Both polycarbonates and polyarylates have been extensively evaluated to demonstrate their safety.