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The second type of polynya is a latent-heat polynya.
2013a) detected bearded seals on ice floes and along the ice edge, primarily over shallow water in the eastern part of the North Water polynya.
Polynyas, a Russian word meaning "natural ice holes," are patches of open ocean surrounded by sea ice.
Gate, Novaya Zemlya, High Arctic Islands and Shelf, and Great Siberian Polynya
According to Henshaw (2000:97), the polynya may have provided a refugium for the Inuit to settle around during periods of increasing cold, enabling "the procurement of subsistence resources that reinforced .
Polynyas play a crucial role in energy exchange and ice formation, so the occurrence of one inevitably draws the attention of researchers.
Female penguins departing Taylor Glacier in late May travelled in a north-northeasterly direction toward a large polynya (Fig.
However, once Ross's Gulls settled into pairs, they no longer participated in or disrupted the displays of unpaired conspecifics, and only rarely were they disturbed by other unpaired individuals, even though they remained close by the polynya for several days until the snow melted enough to make nesting sites accessible.
The lack of ridging in the middle of the corridor, along the southern coast of Baffin Island, is also to be expected because a polynya identified in that area is typically open all winter (CIS, 2011).
ca/arcticnet) has grown significantly in the past year and now describes more than 3400 publications from ArcticNet, 348 publications from the Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study (CASES), and 209 publications from the International North Water Polynya Study (NOW).
Other elements examined included bromine (Br) and strontium (Sr), two additional possible indicators of marine inputs, as well as copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn), which are biologically essential metals and exhibit the highest concentrations of any metal in seabird tissues in the North Water (NOW) polynya of Baffin Bay (Campbell et al.
Seabird Transfer of Nutrients and Trace Elements from the North Water Polynya to Land during the Mid-Holocene Warm Period, Carey Islands, Northwest Greenland.