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pommel, pomel

A rounded finial.
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schmittianum Pomel and revealed the presence of monoterpenes including (Alpha)-pinene (90) and camphene (91).
hispidus en Hidalgo y en el genero Cryptotis Pomel, 1848 en el estado de San Luis Potosi (Acosta et al.
All rooms are furnished to superlative standards in an uncluttered and elegant style which uses pale cream fabrics and warm Pomel Sapele veneers.
Prophylactic surgery is a common strategy in management of FAP; no consensus statement currently guides treatment of HNPCC because not all mutation carriers will develop cancer (Pocard, Pomel, & Lasser, 2003).
dice Valter Pomel, secretario de relaciones internacionales del PT (partido de Lula).