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Ponca City,

city (1990 pop. 26,359), Kay co., N Okla., on the Arkansas River; founded 1893 with the opening of the Cherokee StripCherokee Strip
or Cherokee Outlet,
a narrow piece of land in N Oklahoma. Bounded on the north by the Kansas border, it has an area of more than 6 million acres (2.4 million hectares).
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, inc. 1899. It is a trade, processing, and shipping hub in a grain, livestock, and oil area. Industries include metal spinning and pellet mills; chemicals, metal products, building materials, machinery, and carbon black are manufactured. Ponca City has many parks, the Pioneer Women's Museum, and a Native American museum. Nearby are several Native American reservations.
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A cell phone video of a Ponca City, Oklahoma, substitute teacher dancing in the classroom emerged Friday, sparking controversy among Ponca City High School parents and students alike as some have deemed it "inappropriate.
Eastman") of Ponca City, Oklahoma, and Cache Holdings, Inc.
Students who struggle with math at West Middle School in Ponca City, Oklahoma, are turning their grades around not because their teacher has made the work easier, but because she introduced a whole new method of instruction.
Item will be shipped to 417 S Silverdale Lane, Ponca City, Oklahoma, 74604.
Phillips 66 to shut CDU at Ponca HOUSTON: Trade sources said industry intelligence service IIR was reporting that Phillips 66 plans to shut an 86,000 barrel per day (bpd) crude distillation unit at the company's 200,000 bpd Ponca City, Oklahoma, refinery.
The Gold Line System consist of a 681-mile refined products pipeline system that runs from Phillips 66's operated refinery in Borger, Texas, to Cahokia, Illinois, with access to its refinery in Ponca City, Oklahoma as well as two parallel 54-mile lateral lines from Paola, Kansas to Kansas City, Kansas.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to address a common pet need, the Robison Specialty Dog Bed, has been developed by Linda Robison of Ponca City, Oklahoma.
In 1994, PTC catered into a unique partnership with then-Conoco Phillips to provide all their contractor safety training for their refinery in Ponca City, Oklahoma.
Payne proudly reported that he purchased a new pick-up truck in his hometown of Ponca City, Oklahoma, for the once-in-a-lifetime performance in front of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
A great deal of Ponca life continues to involve interactions with non-Natives on a social and economic continuum between White Eagle and Ponca City, Oklahoma.
After finding the Nepalese photographs of Richard Gordon Matzene in the Ponca City, Oklahoma library, author Sirhandi became determined to learn the stories behind them and the man who traveled to Nepal in the early twentieth century to take pictures of the ruling family.
Moon replaces David Meyers, who left GAVEA in September to become executive director of the Ponca City Development Authority in Ponca City, Oklahoma.