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Poor Clares:

see Clare, SaintClare or Clara, Saint,
1193?–1253, Italian nun of Assisi, devoted from her youth to St. Francis, to whom she took a vow of poverty. She led a life of great austerity.
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Thirty-five children and a woman died in the blaze at St Joseph's home, run by the Poor Clare Sisters in Cavan town, in February 1943.
There have been a few false dawns for Meath football in recent years but I thought there was something different about how they battled to a draw against Roscommon before hammering an admittedly poor Clare team.
Dedicated to God: An Oral History of Cloistered Nuns examines the lives of a group of cloistered women religious, the Poor Clare Colettines, in Rockford, Illinois.
I don't know how poor Clare will ever recover From Page One the A725 at Bothwell Bridge, half a mile from the East Kilbride exit of the M74 in Lanarkshire.
The latter, having become an infection for all those directly involved with the story (including the narrator), has been brought home by the Irish Catholic Madam Starkey in the face of her Irish Catholic nurse, Bridget Fitzgerald, the Poor Clare of the tale.
Poor Clare has to walk around trying to find interesting things to talk about (trust me, it's not as easy as it looks) and you would have thought these 'characters' would have been thrilled that a BBC roving reporter was fascinated by their antics.
Based on the archives of their order, an essay on the Poor Clare nuns breaks new ground in tracing the origins and vicissitudes of this group of women, from the Spanish Netherlands to pre-1641 foundations in Dublin and the Athlone area, and their penal era survival in the city of Galway, before concluding with a survey of modern developments; a statistical chart giving the numbers professed by decade for the period 1701-1870 accompanies the text.
As the shot opens out we see that he is sitting next to someone--a tall, austere looking woman in the garb of a Poor Clare and holding an impressive monstrance.
Part of what drew her to the Poor Clare sisters was the psalms they recited, she said, and the effect those psalms had on the sisters' lives.
One of her most vigorous campaigns has been to ensure the future of St Mary of the Angels (1907), built for the people of Liverpool withmoney from Amy Elizabeth Imrie, White Star shipping line heiress, who gave up her wealth to become a Poor Clare.
As I grieved, I often visited the Poor Clare Convent in Arundel, England, where I was then living.