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Benedict XIV,

1675–1758, pope (1740–58), an Italian (b. Bologna) named Prospero Lambertini; successor of Clement XII. Long before his pontificate he was renowned for his learning and wrote a classic treatise on the subject of canonization (1734–38). In 1728 he became a cardinal. He was much interested in the Eastern churches and began (with the bull Etsi pastoralis, 1742) the modern papal legislation that favors the Eastern rites and prohibits activity that is likely to Latinize them. He beautified Rome and restored monuments, and he was munificent to Bologna. He patronized learning and welcomed scholars and artists to his court. He denounced the cruelty to the Native Americans in the disbanding of the Paraguay reductionsreductions,
Span. reducciones, settlements of indigenous peoples in colonial Latin America, founded (beginning in 1609) to utilize efficiently native labor and to teach the natives the ways of Spanish life.
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. He was succeeded by Clement XIII.
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Michele De Palma of the Italian Communist Refoundation Party on the June 11 meeting between President Bush II and Pope Benedict XIV
Yet the papal encyclical itself is a modern development, first employed in the 18th century by Pope Benedict XIV.
Peter's Basilica and personal secretary to Pope Benedict XIV.
Seven popes engaged in the debate; the last pope to condemn veneration was Pope Benedict XIV.
In 1750, Pope Benedict XIV sent a group of Italian Dominican friars to Mossoul, Iraq; today four Arab friars serve in the country.
That custom, begun in the 15th century by Spanish Dominicans, was extended to the universal church by Pope Benedict XIV in 1748.
Pope Benedict XIV notes that the ordination of boys to the diaconate was known to occur in the Eastern churches, and he cites some of the studies available to him.
Some of the broader pastoral concerns and principles which Pope Benedict XIV employs are lost without their context.