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Popish Plot:

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1649–1705, English conspirator. An Anglican priest whose whole career was marked with intrigue and scandal, he joined forces with one Israel Tonge to invent the story of the Popish Plot of 1678.
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However, the supposed Popish Plot provided an opportunity for Parliament to propose acts against her directly--including one for her banishment from Whitehall, and even a divorce bill introduced in the House of Lords on November 17, 1680.
31) Bustin argues that Particular Baptist writings of the period, especially Knollys's Mystical Babylon Unveiled, offer strong evidence that, rather than "deflate Antichrist as a serious concept," (32) the Popish Plot of 1678 perpetuated a semi-revival in apocalyptic fervor among the Particular Baptists of London.
Max Novak has written that in 1678 "the political theater of the Popish Plot [had] .
In the following chapters, Bellabarba shows how it became international scandal, tied in to fears of Spain, Italy, popish plots, as well as titillating matters of sex, corruption at court, and the supremely horrific crime of poisoning; he deals beautifully, for example, with the way in which public suspicion and Sir Edward Coke's explicit linking of this "powder poison" with the "powder treason," Gunpowder Plot, fed on one another, and thereby fed into rumors of Somerset's involvement in the death of Prince Henry and of Somerset and/or Spanish plots to kill the royal family, the council, the nobility.
During the first months of 1680, the government launched several successful prosecutions against Whig booksellers, most notably Benjamin Harris, who had contributed energetically to the stream of pamphlets offering dire warnings about the Popish Plot and the dangers of allowing James to succeed to the throne.
8) Unlike Scott's subsequent Peveril of the Peak, much of which is set in London during the Popish Plot, Nigel does not focus on a particular historical event.
Se estudia ahora la figura de Ellizabeth Cellier, una matrona inglesa con multiples contactos en el mundo catolico, que se vio implicada en el Meal Tub Plot (1680), una variante del Popish Plot.
From his attitude towards Elizabeth, the wife he married when she was only 15 - the descriptions of some of his extra-curricular amatory adventures are hilarious; through the active years at the Admiralty and his year-long incarceration in the Tower for supposed involvement with the Popish Plot of 1679; to his love of any form of ostentation - he rode around in a painted carriage.
Her test cases are plays produced in London during five theatrical seasons, from autumn 1678 to summer 1683, when the Popish Plot and Whig attempts at Exclusion sharply intensified political partisanship both inside the theatre and out.
Her teasing out and identification of Otway's political imagination characterizes him as a consciousness excellently reflective of the intricate, confused cultural and political currents of the era of the Popish Plot and the Exclusion Crisis.
Hibbard, Charles I and the Popish Plot (Chapel Hill, 1983), ch.
Popish plot intensifies English fears of Roman Catholics