Port of Spain

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Port of Spain,

city (1990 pop. 50,878), capital of Trinidad and Tobago, on the Gulf of Paria. It is the industrial and commercial center of the country. From 1958 to 1962, Port of Spain was the capital of the dissolved Federation of the West Indies; in 2005 it became the seat of the Caribbean Court of Justice. It is one of the major shipping hubs of the Caribbean, with exports of agricultural products and asphalt. Bauxite from the Guianas and iron ore from Venezuela are transferred there for overseas shipment. The city has attractive public buildings and botanical gardens, and it is a focal point of the tourist trade.

Port of Spain

the capital and chief port of Trinidad and Tobago, on the W coast of Trinidad. Pop.: 56 000 (2005 est.)
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In their routine midweek win England netted twice without reply and a similar scenario could unfold in Port of Spain where Capello's troops are a generous 6-1 (Betdirect) to again record a 2-0 triumph.
This coveted prize, won this year by Bunji Garland, may not mean much to an outsider, but to anyone from Port of Spain it is a huge honour to be crowned king or queen in front of a crowd of 10,000.
My placement in Port of Spain will be primarily spent in the emergency department.
WORLD CUP Trinidad and Tobago's Chris Birchall, the Port Vale midfield player (left), takes on Sayed Mohamed Adnan, of Bahrain, in the World Cup play-off first leg tie in Port of Spain
Doig's sketchily painted posters originally served a concrete communicative purpose: to publicize the weekly film presentations at StudioFilmClub, which Doig has been running, along with artist Che Lovelace, in Port of Spain, Trinidad, since 2003.
Now, Trinidad and Tobago offers a compelling bid to make its capital, Port of Spain, the home of the FTAA.
K Home Engineering has won a pounds 150,000 contract with the Trinidad and Tobago government and cricket authorities to carry out initial design work on the Queen's Park Oval, in Port of Spain, in preparation for construction to bring the stadium up to World Cup standard.
Since then, the airline has been flying Wednesdays and Saturdays from Port of Spain to Havana, using B737-800 aircraft for the 3-hour trip.
During his visits to my home, my Grandpa recounted many fascinating stories about the city of Port of Spain where he lived.
Port of Spain General Hospital, Port of Spain, Trinidad; and ([dagger]) Caribbean Epidemiology Center (CAREC), Port of Spain, Trinidad
Grands old houses in Port of Spain, Trinidad, are getting more than a face-lift, as public and private sectors promote historic restoration
Just before Christmas, Greenpeace dispatched its ship, The Rainbow Warrior, from Seville, Spain, to Port of Spain, Trinidad, for the start of a series of protest rallies on Caribbean islands and along Central America's Caribbean coast.

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