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(pôr`tō nō`vō), city (1992 pop. 179,138), capital of Benin, S Benin, a port on Porto-Novo lagoon, an arm of the Gulf of Guinea. It is Benin's second largest city and an administrative and shipping center. However, it is less important commercially and industrially than CotonouCotonou
, city (1992 pop. 536,827), capital of Atlantique prov., S Benin, on the Gulf of Guinea. It is Benin's chief seaport and commercial center. Cotonou's airport and road and rail connections also make it the transportation and communications hub of Benin.
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, to which it is connected by rail. Porto-Novo is the trade center for an agricultural region whose chief product is palm oil; the city's exports include palm oil, cotton, and kapok. Probably founded in the late 16th cent. as the capital of a small kingdom, Porto-Novo [new port] got its name from the Portuguese, who built a trading post there in the 17th cent. Africans were shipped as slaves from Porto-Novo to the Americas. The Porto-Novo kingdom accepted French encroachment in 1863 as a means of fending off Great Britain, which was active in nearby S Nigeria. However, the inland Dahomean kingdom of Abomey resented the French presence, and fighting broke out. In 1883 the French navy landed at Porto-Novo and Cotonou. Porto-Novo was incorporated into Dahomey colony and in 1900 was made its capital. The Institute of Higher Studies of Benin is in the city.



the capital of Benin (formerly Dahomey). Second to Cotonou in political terms, it is an economic and cultural center. Porto-Novo is situated near the Gulf of Guinea. The climate is equatorial, with a mean temperature of 27.7 °C in January and 25.3 °C in July. Precipitation totals 1,590 mm a year. Population, 91,000 (1973).

The first information about Porto-Novo dates from the 17th century, when the city was called Adjatché and was the capital of the kingdom of the same name. The name Porto-Novo reflects the presence in Adjatché of the Portuguese, who first reached the coast of what is now Benin in the 15th century. In the first half of the 19th century, Porto-Novo became part of Dahomey. When Dahomey became a French colony in 1893, Porto-Novo became its capital. On Aug. 1, 1960, it became the capital of the independent state of Dahomey (since November 1975, Benin).

A highway junction, Porto-Novo has a port and a railroad station. Industries include handicraft production, primary processing of agricultural raw materials, and production of food and condiments. The city also has a large soap-manufacturing plant There are oil-palm plantations outside of Porto-Novo. Fishing is important to the city’s economy.

Porto-Novo is the site of the Institute of Applied Research, the National Library, the National Archives, and the Ethnographic Museum.

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D'ailleurs, la maison familiale dans laquelle le roi est installe est miserable et ne recele aucun signe d'une demeure royale, ni meme simplement familiale, tel qu'on peut en voir a Abomey ou Porto-Novo.
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CAPITAL>>> Porto-Novo (official capital; seat of government is Cotonou)
This selection, which in any case is not exhaustive, does not necessarily claim to be representative; it simply gives the reader an idea of some of the issues raised in Porto-Novo and through them the main recurring question: is there any sense today in talking about reason in general?
ABUJA (CyHAN)- Benin authorities say that over 100 graves have damaged and desecrated in a cemetery located near the capital, Porto-Novo.
To ensure their radiation, the Business Promotion Center will gradually be installed in the main cities of Benin namely: Cotonou, Porto-Novo, Parakou, Bohicon, Lokossa, Natitingou.
The Republic of Benin is in West Africa with Porto-Novo as its capital.
Plusieurs pays seront la pour faire l'essentiel dont le Nigeria qui essayera de defendre son titre remporte lors de la 18eme edition de cette competition en 2012 a Porto-Novo au Benin.
In Porto-Novo, the capital of the Republic of Benin, the Kuwaiti embassy marked the national days with a grand reception attended by several ministers, senior officials and public figures in addition to foreign diplomats.
Vers le retour a un schema tactique traditionnel Dimanche dernier, a Porto-Novo contre le Benin, coach Vahid avait opte pour un schema tactique renforce a la recuperation qui s'est avere judicieux puisque les Verts s'etaient imposes (3-1) tout en etant convaincants.
Scope: Porto-Novo, the administrative capital of Benin, is a historic town with a natural, urban and unique cultural, natural areas of great wealth, and situated at a crossroads giving it a strategic location (city and Lake Nokou conjunction with the city of Lagos in Nigeria).
The MoU states the Kuwaiti society is to set up and later manage a university in Benin's capital city, Porto-Novo.