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Being the family with the most stocks reported (n = 38 stocks), family Portunidae had a CW range of 26.
Familia Genero Especie Portunidae Araneus Cribarius (Lamark, 1818) Callinectes Sapidus (Rathbun, 1816) Callinectes Bocourti (A.
Crab species belonging to family Portunidae were dominant followed by families Grapsidae and Xanthidae aver all the families recorded in the study.
Thus, further investigations are needed to elucidate whether this pattern of reduction of the SR, including spermatophore dehiscence--that is, rupture of spermatophore wall and release of spermatozoa--can be considered a general pattern in Portunidae.
Las familias con mayor diversidad de especies dentro de este infraorden fueron Portunidae con siete, y Xanthidae, Grapsidae y Ocypodidae con ocho especies cada una.
Marine fauna of Pakistan, 6: Crustacea: Brachyura, Brachyrhyncha, Part 2: Portunidae.
The cancroids Crabs of America of the Families Euryalidae, Portunidae, Atelecyclidae, Cancridae and Xanthidae.
Ademas, senalan solamente 12 especies de Portunidae en el golfo, enlistando ocho especies (67%) en las islas de Sinaloa, mientras los Grapsidae representaron aproximadamente 50% de las especies en las islas de Sinaloa reportadas por dichos autores.
For crustaceans, all species caught were from different families (Geryonidae, Dromiidae, Homolidae, Portunidae and Nematocarcinidae).
Carcinus aestuarii Nardo, 1847 belongs to the family Portunidae and its original habitat is the estuarine and lagoon waters in the Mediterranean Sea (Mori et al.
blainville were Crustacea (mainly Paguridae and Portunidae decapods), Teleostei (Soleidae), and to a lesser extent, Mollusca (mostly Cephalopoda), all of which (except Teleostei) denote the ability of this species to forage near the seabed, targeting preferentially benthic prey.