timber framing

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The timberwork or steelwork that encloses and supports structural components of a building; see bent frame, doorframe, space frame, window frame, framing.
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VE 304-1 - Window and facade works Sports Building: - gym facade on the upper floor with a total area of approximately 663 m in thermally insulated aluminum post and beam construction with a uniform rate of about 6.
Seniors examine various methods for preserving buildings, like post and beam construction or preservation masonry.
While durable and time-tested, the post and beam construction methods require enough clearance between the surfacing and ground to accommodate the structural components.
wood windows by Japanese post and beam construction professionals, a short survey was administered to 87 Japanese construction professionals.
Flying asymmetrically-shaped canopies of post and beam construction have a heraldic bird-like quality when seen head on, with long beams shooting out into the landscape to indicate paths at the ends of the platform.
Contract notice for Provision of Window post and beam construction.
Contract notice: New indoor pool ried -schlosserarbeiten, post and beam construction, portals.
1160 m2 aluminum post and beam construction with solar protection glazing;- Ca.
The scope of services includes a trades package for complete planning and implementation of a sophisticated design the roof structure and vestibule in Steel-frame construction, post and beam construction and sheet metal facade cladding.
zipFacade elements Aluminum clad wood post and beam facade construction with insert elements approximately 775 mA;Aluminum clad wood post and beam construction facade panel closed approximately 210 mA;Skylight - aluminum add-on construction on-site BSH ties approximately 310 mA.
Contract notice: Blb du / hilden / forest barracks, new training musikkorps / post and beam construction with doors and windows / 020-15-00167.
Prior Information Notice: Metalworking, window and glazing work, sunscreen works: Aluminum frame windows and post and beam construction,

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