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/'post-gres-kyu-el/ An enhancement of the POSTGRES database system.

PostgreSQL is an advanced relational database management system with some object oriented approaches. PostgreSQL is developed and distributed as free software, and while retaining its freedom it remains technically and featurewise a worthy competitor to even the most advanced commercial alternatives.

It was also one of the first databases to offer MVCC as opposed to row-level locking or table locking, thereby greatly improving multi-user performance.

PostgreSQL implements an extended subset of ANSI SQL and runs on many platforms. It also has interfaces to many different programming languages and database protocols, like ODBC and JDBC.
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The range of technologies we work upon are Microsoft (Dot Net, Sharepoint, MSBI, etc), Java (J2EE, Struts, Spring, Grails) and Database (Oracle, MS-SQL, Postgre SQL, etc).
Tenders are invited for InvExperience of having offered same kind of work 5 years Experience of providing web based software services concerned to the above said modules in ULB~s of Karnataka state at least 5 municipalities in Karnataka Number of consumers being carried out at any one of the Municipalities or Muncipal municipal councils of Karnataka state 90,000 consumers Software technology Web based Database specification MS SQL, MySQL or Postgre SQL Integrated software package Live demonstration Online demo
Besides being powerful MySQL backup software, Handy Backup is also capable of backing up Oracle, MS Access, Postgre SQL, DB2, and other ODBC-compatible databases.