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/'post-gres-kyu-el/ An enhancement of the POSTGRES database system.

PostgreSQL is an advanced relational database management system with some object oriented approaches. PostgreSQL is developed and distributed as free software, and while retaining its freedom it remains technically and featurewise a worthy competitor to even the most advanced commercial alternatives.

It was also one of the first databases to offer MVCC as opposed to row-level locking or table locking, thereby greatly improving multi-user performance.

PostgreSQL implements an extended subset of ANSI SQL and runs on many platforms. It also has interfaces to many different programming languages and database protocols, like ODBC and JDBC.
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dotConnect providers for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and LinqConnect now have .
Contract notice: Apache expertise, Tomcat, Postgresql.
PostgreSQL comes with a rich ecosystem that easily extends the database with new structured and semi-structured data types, SQL operators, and storage formats--providing the much-needed flexibility that enable enterprises to continually adapt to evolving needs.
Una de las tareas para lograr este objetivo es la migracion a la tecnologia de bases de datos PostgreSQL por ser el SGBD de codigo abierto mas avanzado del mundo ya que soporta la gran mayoria de las transacciones SQL, control concurrente, ofrece modernas caracteristicas como consultas complejas, disparadores, vistas, integridad transaccional y permite agregar extensiones de tipo de datos, funciones, operadores y lenguajes procedurales.
Just released, the extensible cluster software comes after three years of development by a PostgreSQL Community work group led by EnterpriseDB and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
a leading provider of integrated solutions for continuous data availability, advanced database replication, integrated data management services and database performance scalability, has announced Continuent Tungsten solution to support PostgreSQL 9 with added capabilities to support advanced hot standby and streaming replication features.
com) has completed an enhancement to the PostgreSQL (postgresql.
PostgreSQL use the SQL language--Structured Query Language, the most prevalent standardized language for database interrogation (The PostgreSQL Global Development Group, 1996-2003).
Products include Arkeia Network Backup, Arkeia Server Backup, bare metal Disaster Recovery modules, NDMP support for NAS backup and hot backup plug-ins for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Lotus, Open-Xchange (including SLOX), LDAP, and MS Exchange and MS SQL Servers.
Into this environment, a new breed of application has entered under the banner of "open architecture," the cornerstone of an emerging reseller's market for customizable software built on an "open stack" of open-source software components, such as Linux, the PostgreSQL database, and the Qt programming framework for C++.
ODBC driver for PostgreSQL is currently compatible with Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL and supports PostgreSQL 10.