Potassium Permanganate

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potassium permanganate

[pə′tas·ē·əm pər′man·gə‚nāt]
(inorganic chemistry)
KMnO4 Highly oxidative, water-soluble, purple crystals with sweet taste; decomposes at 240°C; and explodes in contact with oxidizable materials; used as a disinfectant and analytical reagent, in dyes, bleaches, and medicines, and as a chemical intermediate. Also known as purple salt.

Potassium Permanganate


KMnO4, a salt; dark violet crystals. Density, 2.703 g/cm3. Soluble in water (6.4 g per 100 g H20 at 20°C and 22.2 g at 60°C; solutions are red-violet in color), and also in methanol, acetic acid, and acetone. Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent; an explosion may occur when KMnO4 is mixed with concentrated H2SO4, as well as with certain organic substances, such as glycerol. Potassium permanganate is obtained by fusing pyrolusite, MnO2, with KOH and subsequent electrolytic oxidation of the resultant K2MnO4. (For information on the use of KMnO4, see PERMANGANATES.)

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INCB's Project Cohesion monitors the imports of potassium permanganate to cocaine processing areas.
Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) belongs to the substances which are particularly dangerous to the environment with high fish toxicity.
Here, 20 mM potassium permanganate solution and 20 mM iodine solution were diluted at a 1 : 3 ratio with distilled water in order to prepare five dilutions.
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Potassium permanganate is a well-known, widely available agent, which has been used throughout history.
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Potassium permanganate solutions of the required concentrations were prepared by dissolving KMn[O.
Throw away those white lab coats holed by acid and stained with potassium permanganate.
The samples were treated, or not treated, with calcium chloride, boric acid and potassium permanganate.