pouteria lucuma

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Originally from tropics like South America and Vietnam, people are starting to grow it elsewhere. Closely related to Canistel. Nutritious fruit (green outside, bright yellow inside) has dry texture of hard boiled egg-yolk, with a caramel-maple/sweet potato flavor. High in Caotenes and B vitamins. Very popular ice cream flavoring, now used in raw food smoothies. Used for anti-aging skin repair, anti-oxidant, minerals, niacin, iron, calcium, protein, sugar replacement (without raising blood sugar levels),
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This antioxidant was effective for guanandi, as well as cultures of Pouteria lucuma (Jordan and Oyanedel, 1992), Leucadendron (Suarez et al.
Limon Fagara microcarpa Tachuelo X Ruta graveolens Ruda Zanthoxylum culantrillo Tachuelo X Zanthoxylum quinduense Tachuelo X Sabiaceae Meliosma bogotana Calabacillo Sapindaceae Billia rosea Cariseco, maiz tostado, manzano de monte, pepaguarra, rayo Sapindus saponaria Chambimbe Sapotaceae Pouteria lucuma Maco Salicaceae Salix viminalis Mimbre chileno, X yare, pitigua.