Power Shortage

Power Shortage


a condition that occurs in an electric power system when the total real or reactive power of the power plants in the system is insufficient to supply all consumers with electric power of the required quality.

A shortage of real power can result in a lowering of frequency throughout the power system and can ultimately lead to a breakdown condition. The breakdown condition can be prevented by connecting additional (spare) generators to the system or by disconnecting some of the consumers. A shortage of reactive power causes a voltage drop in the system. In extreme cases a so-called voltage avalanche can develop, resulting in emergency disconnection of all consumers. A voltage avalanche is best prevented by boosting or regulation of the excitation of the generators and synchronous compensators connected to the system, as well as by proper selection of the compensating equipment used in the system.


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General Electric plans to construct a 1,200MW thermal power plant in Ghana in order to ease the country's power shortage.
BEIJING -- Pakistan is seeking to intensify cooperation with China in the energy sector to solve its current power shortage, said the country's Minister for Water and Power, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, during a visit to China's National Energy Agency here the other day.
Pakistan has been facing an acute power shortage of over 5500 MW that is damaging its industrial sector adversely.
June 12 (Saba) - The Arab Union of Producers, Transporters and Distributors of Electricity on Wednesday expressed readiness to help Yemen overcome the existing power shortage.
Addressing a function here after inaugurating tunnel breaking machines at the Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric Project, the Prime Minister said that the power shortage should not be used for political motives.
6 (Xinhua-ANI): South Korea has resumed operation of the country's longest-running nuclear reactor, Gori-1, the government said Monday, amid fears of summer power shortage in the country.
Industry executives estimated the power shortage may run up to 20% if the summer heat rises higher than expected.
Owing to the persistent drought in China, the power shortage is somehow affected as a result of the blocked hydroelectric generation.
China said it would raise electricity prices for some users by about 3 per cent, the first increase since 2009 as it tackles its worst power shortage in seven years.
0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, as well as a power shortage spawned by trouble at a nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power Co.
They believe that the power shortage manifested in the past 20 days in Sharjah was a result of a lack of funds for expansion and a bit of mismanagement.
Even though some say that the power shortage in Kyrgyzstan has been caused by excessive power export, USAID representatives said, their data show that the power shortage was caused by power losses within the power grid.