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For these reasons, I would dissent from the majority's legal conclusion even if I agreed with its factual premise--that there is no difference between a power shovel or backhoe and a front-end loader that warrants different treatment.
The most hazardous systems on power shovels and draglines were: hoist and cable systems, and swing systems.
He called it the Power Shovel and it was constructed largely of Ford truck parts.
Shoemaker was a division controller and a financial analyst for FMC Corporation, and Materials Manager for Marion Power Shovel, now a division of Dresser Industries.
The landowners turned workers away as they showed up along with machinery, excavators and power shovels.
We were thrown together during our seven-week shoot, and that was very bizarre: in the morning, the workers would leave with their power shovels while we headed out to the next film location.
One day in March four militants approached Khaled Hujeiri's quarry and took his power shovels, in plain sight, he said.
In Cardiff 600 men worked round the clock clearing streets which were swiftly blocked again, even though 30 bulldozers, 20 power shovels, 11 snow ploughs and 200 lorries were in constant action.
During August, bulldozers, scrapers and power shovels began site preparation for the ITER tokamak pit and the poloidal coils assembly building.
Equipment tested for vibration levels can range from power shovels, bulldozers, helicopters and cranes to forklifts, earth-moving equipment, trucks and tractors.
Exports of construction machinery such as power shovels and excavators dropped 32.
It has been the most chilling testimony in the 14 months since Saddam Hussein and his associates first went on trial: an account of how Iraqi death squads took 301 victims to remote desert sites in the late 1980s, herded them into pits dug by power shovels and gunned them down.