power adapter

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power adapter

A power supply for electronic devices. Also called an "AC adapter" or "charger," power adapters plug into a wall outlet and convert AC to a single DC voltage. Computers use multiple DC voltages, and the power adapter is the external part of the power supply for a laptop. The additional DC voltages are created by internal circuits. Desktop computer power supplies are in one internal unit, which converts AC to all DC voltages.

Power adapters also exist for other purposes; for example, to output a different AC voltage, rather than DC. See transformer, power supply, power distribution unit, wall wart, power strip and USB charger.

The Laptop Power "Brick"
The weight of a laptop's external AC adapter is hardly ever published in the specs, but it adds bulk and poundage in the briefcase.

The "Wall Wart"
The ubiquitous black adapter with its own AC plug often overlaps the adjacent socket, unless a "wall wart-aware" power strip like this one is used.
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In a statement, Apple said: "Apple has voluntarily introduced a programme for customers to exchange the Apple 5W European USB Power Adapter which came with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models through September 2012, because in rare cases the adapter may overheat and pose a safety risk.
This further reduces both the BOM size and cost and allows ultra-compact power adapters as small as 2cm x 2cm x 1.
VERICOM is now stocking a wide variety of new products, including AC to DC UL Listed power adapters, Siamese RG-59 18/2 Cable, Security Cable in a number of different styles, 900 MHz splitters, Fire Alarm Cable in four different styles, as well as offering an amazing array of patch cords in CAT5E and CAT6 models.
The iGo wall 160 power adapter is a new, more powerful, generation of Mobility's line of universal AC high-power adapters and provides up to 160 watts of power.
Green Plug uses a virtual 90W QRC power adapter to demonstrate how its GPP mixed-signal controller optimized for power conversion applications can help manufacturers reduce power product development cycle time by using GPP's embedded tools to configure all major design elements in real time and without increasing manufacturing costs.
With the development and introduction of the Green Plug Green Power Processor, chip makers and power supply manufacturers now have the technology they need to undertake the transition from clunky black bricks and wall warts to sleek, efficient digital power adapter architectures capable of exchanging information between the power source and the load and adjusting power use according to product need.
With its expertise in compact power technology, Innergie provides the world's smallest, most efficient universal power adapter and innovative power solutions.
We are thrilled with PURE's decision to make its products capable of accepting power from universal and reusable power adapters and to offer a smart power adapter accessory," said Frank Paniagua, Jr.
Consumers will have a choice between a device-specific power adapter and a dynamic, green power solution.
Unlike conventional power adapters, it redefines the look and feel of power adapters.