Power Transformer

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power transformer

[′pau̇·ər tranz‚fȯr·mər]
An iron-core transformer having a primary winding that is connected to an alternating-current power line and one or more secondary windings that provide different alternating voltage values.

Transformer, Power


a transformer that is used to transform AC power in power system networks, radio apparatus, and automatic systems. A power transformer operates with a constant effective voltage. The frequency of power-transformer current in most countries, including the USSR, is 50 hertz (Hz); in the USA and some other countries it is 60 Hz. Power transformers are the most common class of transformers. Transformers have been built (1975) for a power of 1300 megavolt-amperes and a voltage of 750 kilovolts. (For more detail, see.)

power transformer

In an alternating current electrical system, a device for transforming the source of electrical supply from one voltage to another.
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The few things that must be considered before choosing the power transformer that might suit your demands are:
Large power transformer is a rapidly growing segment of power transformers, owing to its use in high voltage transmission networks.
The value of the global power transformers market will rise by over 20% by 2020 thanks to a demand in a number of key markets including Saudi Arabia, a new report says.
The collaboration is dedicated to design, engineering and manufacture of power transformers and mobile sub-stations and offers full service capabilities for products installed in Saudi Arabia.
With the operation of this new world class power transformer plant, Voltamp can now cater to Oman's requirement forthe complete range, from pole mounted to the Extra high Voltage 220 kV Class Power Transformers.
It is currently setting up a power transformer production facility which is seen to begin operations in December 2013.
UPTPL manufactures power transformers and executes turnkey projects.
According to Fesco spokesman, earlier transformer of 20/26-MVA is working at Jhang City grid station whereas now this power transformer would be replaced with 31.
MARDAN -- Relevant officials of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has installed new power transformer after completion of its dehydration safety and protection test in grid station KV-132 located on Mohib road and restored electricity to large part of Mardan district after power disruption in these areas for three days due to some technical fault.
The report gives detailed information on the current power transformer market, focusing on key countries, as well as covering the global scenario.
For acquiring Power Transformer technology, Voltamp has tied up with Tatung, Taiwan.