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(graphics, tool)
A Microsoft application for creating presentations, speeches, slides, etc.


The de facto standard presentation graphics program for Windows and Mac from Microsoft. It is the most widely used application for creating a computer-based presentation or slide show. PowerPoint files are saved with a PPS or PPTX file extension, although the original PPS format is used for compatibility with older PowerPoint versions and viewer software.

Even If It Isn't a PowerPoint
People call any computer-based presentation a PowerPoint even if it is created in another presentation program.

Movies Are Linked
Inserting a video onto a PowerPoint slide actually only links the file, and all linked videos must accompany the PPS or PPTX presentation in order to play. Videos spice up a presentation but may be a problem sending via e-mail as the files are very large. See presentation graphics.

Predefined Formats
Predefined templates have text boxes laid out in commonly used patterns.

A Boatload of Transitions
Everyone can be a videographer with all the transition formats to choose from, and there are more than just these.
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