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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

To circumambulate is to move clockwise around a ritual circle. Normally the casting of the circle (see Circle) is always done deosil, first with the sword or athamé,

then with salted water and finally with the censer. In many Wiccan traditions, the coven members may only move clockwise (deosil), never counterclockwise (widdershins). In other covens, there is freedom of movement in both directions.

Circumambulation is also known as the "holy round" and the "sunwise turn" and is not exclusive to Witchcraft. Such movement is recognized by various groups as magical, bringing good luck, protection, and protracted life.

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Following the segehan offering, the puspa were carried in a pradaksina (turning from left to right) direction around a large group of offerings placed in front of a stand (petak) specially constructed for the occasion and located next to the bale dangin (where the body of the deceased lay during ngaben).
The clockwise circumambulation is known as pradaksina, as opposed to the counterclockwise prasavya movement.
Applying similar criticisms to other aspects of the temple cult, Civavakkiyar argues that neither pradaksina 'circumambulation of a shrine' (verse 520)(19) nor its macro-cosmic homologue, pilgrimage to holy shrines, (verse 280, 436)(20) is efficacious for salvation because both forms of worship are bound to space, a dimension of mayai.