Prague Spring

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Prague Spring:

see PraguePrague
, Czech Praha, Ger. Prag, city (1993 pop. 1,216,500), capital and largest city of the Czech Republic and former capital of Czechoslovakia, on both banks of the Vltava (Ger. Moldau) River.
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 and CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia
, Czech Československo , former federal republic, 49,370 sq mi (127,869 sq km), in central Europe. On Jan. 1, 1993, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (see Slovakia) became independent states and Czechoslovakia ceased to exist.
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Charter 77, a dissident movement that helped to bring about the change, was established by Prague Spring veterans, including President Havel.
Along with Prague Spring, the ensemble played this year at Moravian Autumn, the Lipa Musica International Music Festival, St.
Another festival that stands out for Zaoralova is 1970, the first festival after the brutal crushing of the Prague Spring.
Politics, too, now seem pale and uninspired compared to the decade which produced the student revolutions of London, of San Francisco and Paris, which almost toppled the powerful French regime of General de Gaulle and which created the - false - promise of the Prague Spring.
The cellist Tomas Jamnik, winner of the 2006 Prague Spring competition, has been known to music lovers both in the Czech Republic and abroad for years now.
A August 21st marked the 45th anniversary of Soviet crushing of theA Prague Spring.
Simek rose to prominence in 1967 as co-founder of the Semafor Theater, the seminal cabaret that typified the rich and witty Czech arts scene of the late-'60s Prague Spring period.
107, written in the summer of 1959 and premiered in Leningrad on 4 October 1959 (Yevgeny Mravinsky) and two days later presented in Moscow (Alexandr Gauk), then in November in Philadelphia (Eugene Ormandy, in Columbia's commercial recording) and first performed in Czechoslovakia at the Prague Spring festival on 29 May 1960 (KiriII Kondrashin).
Czech people in the capital Prague have appreciated the creative Bulgarian apology for the crushing of the Prague Spring 45 years ago.
By the early part of the 1980s, Czechs who came of age around 1968's Prague Spring were settling into lives of compromise and dashed dreams.
Following the concert given by the Netherlands's Ebony Band at the 2004 Prague Spring festival, I wrote: The Ebony Band set out on an adventurous journey of seeking out and bringing back to life a forgotten repertoire.
August 21st marked the 45th anniversary of the brutal Soviet crushing of theA Prague Spring, in which the Bulgarian Communist regime played a major role.