precast concrete

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precast concrete

[′prē¦kast ′kän‚krēt]
Concrete components which are cast and partly matured in a factory or on the site before being lifted into their final position on a structure.

precast concrete

1. Material that reduces the need for onsite formwork with a process known as “tilt-up” construction, in which precast panels are lifted into a vertical position and then attached to the structural frame.
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2. Material that reduces the need for onsite formwork with a process known as tilt-up construction, in which precast panels are lifted into a vertical position and then attached to the structural frame.

Precast concrete

Concrete that has been cast into a form which is later incorporated into a structure. A concrete structure may be constructed by casting the concrete in place on the site, by building it of components cast elsewhere, or by a combination of the two. Concrete cast in other than its final position is called precast.

In contrast with cast-in-place concrete construction, in which columns, beams, girders, and slabs are cast integrally or bonded together by successive pours, precast concrete requires field connections to tie the structure together. These connections can be a major design problem.

Precast units can be standardized. Savings can then result from repeated reuse of forms and assembly-line production. Furthermore, high quality can be maintained because of the controls that can be kept on production under plant conditions. However, there is always the possibility that transportation, handling, and erection costs for the precast units will offset the savings. See Concrete, Prestressed concrete

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The masonry and pre-cast concrete elements were delivered in stages and stored outside of the underground tank area.
Due to the revenue growth and expanding geographical footprint of the Company's pre-cast concrete operations, the Company also announced that it has reorganized its Western Pre-Cast Region into the Pre-Cast Division.
Design of the University's new Student University Recreation Center included 114,000 s/f of new construction and 121,000 s/f of renovated and reconfigured space, doubling the size of the existing building, whose windowless pre-cast concrete structure was expanded, remodeled and reconfigured in inventive ways to better suit student life and the campus setting.
They are supplying Castle White Portland Cement to specialist pre-cast concrete contractor Trent Concrete for use in the construction of two new speculative office blocks -in Birmingham Business Park.
The building, which will be made of bricks and pre-cast concrete, will house approximately 2,050 Liberty Mutual employees supporting various information technology, corporate and insurance operations.
The supplier shall manufacture specified quantities of standard and high density RCB s using pre-cast concrete techniques encompassing metal reinforcing and deliver to DSRL and other SLC s within an agreed time-scale.
The Company has 136 fixed and seven portable ready-mixed concrete plants, 10 pre-cast concrete plants, three concrete block plants and six aggregates facilities.
Starting from schematic structural drawings, Sciame was able to realize the architect's vision of a building that integrated pre-cast concrete columns and beams with pre-cast floor planks and cast-in-place ramps, stairs and formed reveals.
One of the world's leading suppliers of building materials, best known for its ready mixed concrete brand, RMC Readymix, from which it gets its name, the group is also one of the leading producers of pre-cast concrete building products, aggregates, asphalt and aerated concrete.
Located at 212 Commerce Boulevard, this never occupied, newly constructed, fully air-conditioned facility features 6" reinforced concrete floors; insulated pre-cast concrete panel walls; ceiling heights to 24'6" clear; all utilities; 100% wet sprinkler system; 3,000 square feet of modern office space; compressed air grid with two air compressors, three runs of 600 amp bus duct, and multiple truck docks.
The proposed site for the re-location is the former Virology Lab at Abbotstown, a pre-cast concrete building dating from the 1960s and an adjacent Veterinary Diagnostic Unit dating from the 1980s.