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C21H28O5 A glucocorticoid that is a dehydrogenated analog of hydrocortisone.



a synthetic medication; a hormonal preparation. It has an anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect. It is used in the form of tablets, a solution for injection, and ointments for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, some kidney diseases, and bronchial asthma.

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Table 3 Outcome of Nikolsky's sign and bulla spread phenomena between dexamethasone (group A) and prednisolone (group B, prednisolone) after 6 weeks.
The rescue therapy failure rate was significantly lower in patients who got IVIG combined with prednisolone, 12.
The purpose of the study was to assess the effectiveness of cyst aspiration and methyl prednisolone acetate injection with double IV cannula rather than sharp pointed needle, as a new technique in the treatment of volar ganglia.
The analysis showed that a current user on 5 mg/day prednisolone had an increased risk over nonusers of 11% (OR, 1.
The patients were randomly assigned to receive prednisolone 35 mg once daily plus look-alike naproxen placebo twice daily (n=60) or 500 mg naproxen twice daily plus look-alike prednisolone placebo once daily (n=60).
Three infants in the prednisolone group died within the first year of life.
The European Commission has granted approval to broaden the existing marketing authorisation for Zytiga (abiraterone acetate) plus prednisone / prednisolone to include an earlier stage of metastatic prostate cancer than its current indications, US-based healthcare company Johnson and Johnson's (NYSE: JNJ) Janssen-Cilag International NV business said.
5mg of prednisolone and these patients were treated with the same dose of prednisolone given in morning at 8: 00 A.
Corticosteroids, like prednisolone, are increasingly being used to try to reduce the symptoms of chest infections, but without sufficient evidence," said Alastair Hay, a GP and Professor of Primary Care in the Bristol Medical School at the University of Bristol and study's lead author.
More importantly, however, patients who took the antibiotic experienced half as many serious adverse events as those who took prednisolone (18% vs.
Treatment was instituted with Injection Prednisolone acetate @ 0.