from the ninth to 14th centuries the Bohemian princely and royal dynasty, named after its legendary founder Přemysl, a peasant plowman from the village of Stadic. Beginning in the 12th century, the Přemyslids became hereditary kings. The best-known members of the dynasty were Otakar I Přemysl (reigned 1198–1230), Vaclav I (1230–53), and Otakar II Přemysl (1253–78).

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The Premyslids were a middle European dynasty that ruled Bohemia and Moravia from the 880s to 1306, says Kalhous (early medieval history, Masaryk U.
Anatomy of a duchy; the political and ecclesiastical structures of early Premyslid Bohemia.
With the disintegration of the Greater Moravian Empire in the 10th century the power of the Premyslids was on the rise, and with it came a renewal of ties with Western Europe.
The defeat and death of the Czech king in the battle of Durnkrut in 1278 put an end to the imperial pretensions of the Premyslids and established those of the Habsburgs, who now became Hungary's neighbours.