Venustiano Carranza

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Carranza, Venustiano


Born Dec. 29, 1859, in Cuatro Ciénegas; died May 21, 1920, in the state of Puebla. Statesman and military and political figure of Mexico.

Carranza was an important landowner. During the MexicanRevolution of 1910–17, he was one of the leaders of the nationalbourgeoisie and the landowners who had become bourgeois intheir outlook. In 1914 he was proclaimed provisional president.Carranza became president in 1917. His government accepted aconstitution (which is still in force) that was bourgeois, demo-cratic, and, to a significant degree, anti-imperialistic. However, Carranza, as a spokesman of the interests of the ruling classes, brutally suppressed the peasant and workers’ movement. He wasoverthrown as a result of a revolt and murdered during his flightfrom the capital.

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In particular, he argues that the possibility of Japan's participation in the proposed German-Mexican alliance against the US has been underappreciated, and that Mexican President Venustiano Carranza weighed German advances much more carefully than previously considered and was in fact Germany's biggest political supporter in Mexico (227).

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