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, Ger. Pressburg, Hung. Pozsony, city (1991 pop. 442,197), SW Slovakia, on the Danube River and near the Austrian and Hungarian borders. It is the capital and largest city of Slovakia.
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, Slovakia.
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400 BC, which was later called Preslavva (Preslavvaspurch or Pressburg in German), perhaps after the legendary third son of Svatopluk Preslav.
A horse trader recommends a racehorse to his client: "'If you take this horse and get on it at four in the morning you'll be at Pressburg by half-past six.
Hughmark and Pressburg (1961) have indicated that the acceleration component, [DELTA][P.
He preferred to humiliate the Austrians with the Treaty of Pressburg, which took Venice and the Tyrol away from them and stripped them of influence in southwestern Germany, not to mention compensations.
See also Amos Funkenstein's description of Western European Jews who unlike their Eastern European counterparts "lost the consciousness of being in the Diaspora, of being as Rabbi Moses of Pressburg put it, prisoners of war in alien lands.
The site, including the grave of 19th-century Jewish scholar Chatam Sofer, was restored in 2001 with substantial financing from the Bratislava Local Council as well as from a foreign organization, the International Committee for the Preservation of the Gravesites of Geonai in Pressburg.
Vitez collected a rich library, acquiring many volumes from the Florentine bookseller Vespasiano da Bisticci, and even founded a new university at Pressburg.