Pressure Chamber

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pressure chamber

[′presh·ər ‚chām·bər]
A chamber in which an artificial environment is established at low or high pressures to test equipment under simulated conditions of operation.
(mining engineering)
An enclosed space that seals off a part of a mine and in which the air pressure can be raised or lowered.

Pressure Chamber


a hermetically sealed chamber for decreasing pressure (vacuum chamber) or increasing it (compression chamber). The most common pressure chambers are those of decreased pressure, in which the pressure may be changed from that of the earth’s surface to fractions of mm of mercury (1 mm of mercury = 133.322 newtons/m2). The volume of the chamber may range from a fraction of a cubic meter to several hundred cubic meters, depending on its purpose. The pressure chamber is equipped with special apparatus for changing the pressure, for maintaining it at a prescribed level (vacuum pumps with a system of regulation, a mercury manometer, altimeter, and so forth), and for changing or maintaining the composition of the air. Depending on their purpose, some chambers contain devices for changing pressure at definite speeds, making it possible to imitate ascent or descent, and special systems for signaling, control, communication, and so forth. Pressure chambers in which temperature may be changed simultaneously with pressure are called thermal pressure chambers; they are equipped with devices regulating temperature.

Pressure chambers are widely used in research and for calibrating aviation, meteorological, aerological, and other instruments containing elements that measure pressure. They are used for testing airplanes and airplane engines, for training flight crews and cosmonauts, for studying the effects on living organisms of hypoxia, decreased or increased barometric pressure, abrupt changes in pressure, changes in the gaseous atmosphere, and for other purposes. In medicine they are used in the treatment of such diseases as whooping cough, bronchial asthma, and the bends (caisson disease) and in some operations (for example, open heart surgery).


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35 cm inside diameter tubular pressure chamber from High Pressure Equipment Company was used to pressurize and collect the extrudate.
The technology uses a pressure chamber and an imaging system that makes even the tiniest fractures more apparent.
On the other hand, the geometrical change of the volume of pressure chamber as well because of piston movement is equilibrated by geometrical amount with the quantity of flow through piston and basic valve and pressure or attraction of oil in pressure chamber.
In the pressure chamber between these adjacent feed openings, the material flow coming from the rotating planet wheel and the flow that was pressed into the internal gearing of the adjacent channel are united.
When it is ready to start the expansion, the pressure chamber is quickly connected to a low-pressure tank by a three-way valve.
Dr Damian Bailey and other volunteers have been spending up to eight hours in a pressure chamber at the University of Glamorgan in a bid to induce severe headaches.
First, a polymer is placed In a pressure chamber and exposed to a high-pressure gas for a fixed saturation time at ambient temperature.
Temperature of circulating water -- In most high pressure processors, water circulates around the pressure chamber to control temperature, which affects sample temperature during processing.
All the indications, though, were that the former Holte End hero had been forced into a pressure chamber from which he felt the only escape was to leap before he was eventually pushed.
One possible approach to the problem is inspired by an intriguing observation, first documented 40 years ago, that the effects of general anesthesia can be reversed by putting an anesthetized animal in a pressure chamber and subjecting it to 100 or so atmospheres of pressure.
Tenders are invited for Manning And Operation Of Pressure Chamber, Oil Fired Incinerator,153 Gh Heating And Dg Sets Installed At 153 Gh Power House Underage E/M Of Ge 865 Ews
In order to create new biomaterial, the team used compounds based on Germanium, Selenium and Stibium (GeSeSb) and employed a technique called Conformal-Evaporated-Film-by-Rotation (CEFR), which combines thermal evaporation and substrate rotation in a low pressure chamber.