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(pərzhĭb`räm), town (1991 pop. 36,898), SW Czech Republic, in Bohemia. It is one of the oldest gold- and silver-mining centers of Bohemia, with mine shafts more than 3,000 ft (914 m) deep. The modern mining economy, however, is mainly dependent on lead, zinc, and uranium.



a city in Czechoslovakia, in Středočeský Kraj, Czech Socialist Republic. Population, 30,000 (1970). Příbram has been a gold- and silver-mining center since the 17th century. Today there is mining of lead and zinc ores and metal smelting.

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On the side-lines of his visit, former RE Mouscron (Belgium) and 1 FK Pribram (Czech Republic) midfielder al-Meshaan praised Aspetar's facilities, saying: "My first visit was back in 2007, shortly after Aspetar was established, when I became the first player outside Qatar to be treated at the hospital.
Pribram, emeritus professor of psychology and psychiatry at Stanford University who died two years ago.
Zurich, Nantes and Vojvodina are still going but Dukla Prague merged with FC Portal Pribram in 1996 to become FK Pribram.
The lack of evidence for the trace theory of memory led Pribram (1991) to advance the theory that memory is represented holonomically and distributed throughout the brain, but that proposition has failed to gain widespread acceptance.
The recently deceased Karl Pribram and his student Walter Freeman, giants of neuroscience, argued cogently that the current American and Asian brain science megaprojects will shortly follow their European counterpart into collapse.
Poren, township Pribram, including the necessary geodetic work in the accuracy class intended for the renewal of the cadastral decree no.
And if they were to win that, they would face an away trip in the semi-finals, where they would play either Real Madrid, Manchester City, Czech side Pribram or Benfica.
But Anand was quick to add winning singles rubbers was the main concern against the strong opponents to whom India lost in February 1997 in Pribram, near Prague, in a World Group first round tie.
Pribram that "holonomic brain theory" was extremely important as a nonlinear, algebraic, thermodynamic, and "spectral" domain of higher cortical functioning, a world of holoscapes as representations (Pribram, 1971.
1905 (a) 2-0 Genoa (a) 1-2 Dukla Pribram (h) 4-0 Chievo (a) 1-0* BATE Borisov (h) 2-3* Barcelona (h) 3-2 M Boleslav (a) 0-0 Fiorentina (a) 1-2 Slavia Prague (h) 4-0 Catania (h) 0-4* Barcelona (a) 1-1* BATE Borisov *Cup match TOP SCORERS League-Champ League Viktoria Plzen Bakos 7-0, Pilar 4-0, Jiracek 4-0, Duris 4-0, Cisovsky 3-0, Kolar 3-0, Petrzela 2-0, Horvath 1-0.
In this reference for students and healthcare professionals, Pribram, a specialist HIV dietician at King's College Hospital, UK, presents the latest research and international case studies on nutritional care of HIV and AIDS in adults and children.