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An accountability-based model of care using primary nursing was believed to be relevant, as was the care delivery system, which most reflected the values and beliefs of the nursing care we wanted to deliver.
Variations to functional, team, and primary nursing have developed as a result of shortened length of stay, twelve hour shifts, and nursing shortages.
Primary nursing at BIDMC was fundamentally undermined by Genesis, which introduced an expanded role for nursing assistants, the majority of whom were nursing students.
I came to Rush because of primary nursing, clinical advancement, shared governance.
In 22 of 39 Units (56%) the ENs held a primary nursing or case management role.
The PD clinic focuses around a strong primary nursing and multidisciplinary team approach.
Demographics: The demographics that were recorded included age, years worked as a nurse, and place of primary nursing qualification.
We have been through primary nursing, partners in practice, HIPPA, years of nursing surpluses and years of nursing shortages, quality circles, quality report cards, unionization, Magnet hospitals, etc.
Concepts from case management and primary nursing were adapted to guide the nursing care delivery system.
Nationwide, there has been a shift from primary nursing to patient-centered care.
Later, however, many hospitals moved to primary nursing where a nurse was assigned to each patient and was responsible for the patient from admission through discharge.

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