Production methods

Production methods

Processes and techniques that are used to manufacture a product. Production methods can vary greatly, depending on the specifications of the product and the quantity required. Determining the production methods is typically part of the process-planning phase of design, that is, the steps related to converting the design into a final product. Production methods must be considered carefully and planned properly because the production cycle generally represents a large investment of time and money. See Process engineering, Product design, Production planning

The two basic forms of production systems are job-shop production (for applications where the products are made either in single units or in limited production runs) and mass production. A third production form, specific process production, is normally restricted to industries such as the chemical process industry where the processing is the product, such as distilling and refining. See Unit processes

In spite of the many advances that have been made in the methods and equipment used in manufacturing, the basic categories of manufacturing processes have remained relatively unchanged. These can be divided into seven general categories: casting and molding, shearing and forming, machining/material removal, heat treating, finishing, assembly, and inspection. However, none of these processes is totally exclusive. See Heat treatment (metallurgy), Metal casting, Metal forming, Plastics processing

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In order to improve stability and catalytic activity, the three following methods can be used: strengthening the active phase, strengthening the base of catalyst, and implementation of better production methods.
EPL said its analysis of credit union data yields an estimated savings of more than $500 a month based on generating about 120 cards using existing card production methods, while adding card personalization capabilities.
International Resource News-March 1, 2012--BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd receives third party confirmation of canola protein production methods from GEA Process Engineering(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Washington, May 6 (ANI): In the wake of the recent accident in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant following an earthquake-cum-tsunami in Japan and reports that many countries are considering the future of nuclear power in their regions, a Delft University of Technology study has highlighted the various possible nuclear power production methods from an ethical perspective.
Previously, the main production methods for L-Tyrosine used animal protein, such as hair or feathers.
Previously, the main production methods for L-Tyrosine invloved animal protein, such as hair or feathers.
I do believe that what both Foster and Gehry are doing with computer-based production methods does have far reaching implications for architects and the construction industry generally, though in my view the stress in Foster's work on low-energy design makes it far more relevant to 'the future of the planet'.
Such effects are short-lived, it said, because traffickers find new sources or shift to alternative production methods.
BMW claims that by automating the process it can make a roof in less than 20% of the time needed by traditional CFP production methods.
The logo provides a guarantee that the items are authentically made in a specific EU region or with particular production methods.
A spokesman for Haust's UK broker May & Raeburn said it was surprised Quaker was pursuing the case given the court had established that the production methods of the two companies were "totally different".
Fagerdala also produces EPP beads using both extrusion and reactor production methods.

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