Professional Crime

Crime, Professional


crimes committed by persons for whom criminally punishable acts are a permanent occupation and the primary source of money. Persons who engage in professional crime have the skills and means necessary for criminal activity and specialize in some particular type of crime, such as theft or swindling. Professional crime has its own psychology and customs.

Professional crime was fairly widespread in the USSR in the early 1930’s. The criminals came from among the non-working or déclassé elements of society, and the most common forms of professional crime were banditry, smuggling, burglary, speculation, swindling, and the buying of stolen goods. Professional crime as a social phenomenon has been eliminated.

In the capitalist countries, professional crime occupies a significant place in the structure of crime and shows a tendency to outstrip other types of crime. Associations of professional criminals, known as syndicates, are growing and becoming more influential. They are monopolizing various spheres of criminal business, such as the narcotics traffic, kidnapping for ransom, extortion, stealing works of art, smuggling, and operating dens of vice. The activities of the syndicates extend over an entire country or even a group of countries.

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Professional crime writer and lecturer Janes set out to unmask the killer and, having gained unprecedented access to the victim's case files, she reveals his likely identity in the book and shares her evidence here at this event with residents as well as local police.
Judge Adele Williams said the burglaries "bore the hallmarks" of professional crime.
This recent partnership with Prospect Genius is another way for these professional crime scene cleaners to make themselves more accessible in the event of an emergency; the goal is for local property owners to be able to easily locate Bio Restore 24 through a simple online search any hour of the day or night.
Judge Thomas Teague, QC, said: "This is involvement in professional crime and calls for a severe sentence.
We need strong; well-trained, well-equipped, well-educated, well-paid, well-disciplined young individuals in our police force who have no criminal record and who are professional crime fighters with hunger to climb the ladder to upper ranks by the strength of their performance against criminals.
Asis, on the other hand, blamed the inaccurate crime report submitted by his office on the absence of the professional crime registrar at the Taguig police headquarters.
For the moment, we are left with an enjoyable, highly professional crime novel that has escaped from the aim its author had for it but taken on a massive new significance for readers.
This is pivotal, but, in Pfeifer's narrative, the racial violence that arose after the Civil War continued trends pitting white populism against professional crime control already launched in Jacksonian America.
He said that Punjab government has provided modern resources to police while police has been transformed into a professional crime fighting force for maintenance of peace in the society.
Sending the matter to Mold Crown Court where it will be heard on March 29, District Judge Andrew Shaw said: "You committed a professional crime which was carefully planned and managed to stuff that amount of goods down a leotard.

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