Professor Longhair

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Professor Longhair (pseudonym of Henry Roeland Byrd)

(1918–80) blues musician; born in Bogalusa, La. As a pianist and singer, he was an innovator of postwar New Orleans rhythm-and-blues. He worked outside music as a stuntman, dancer, boxer, and gambler until 1947, when he formed his first band. In 1949, he made several recordings in his prototypical style, but performed only sporadically for the next two decades. In 1971, his appearances at major festivals in New York and New Orleans led to a renewal of touring and recording activity, which he maintained until his death.
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MUSIC Blues and Boogie Tipitina, right, deliver their own unique take on the blues, barrelhouse, boogie and Gospel of New Orleans, in the footsteps of Professor Longhair, Dr John, James Booker, Fats Domino and Allen Toussaint.
As befits his fleet-footed past - an apprenticeship he shares with such late great musical originators as Lee Perry and Professor Longhair - Leon phrases his raw and tender voice with poise and elegance, really getting into the crevices of a song.
Dom Pipkin specialises in the New Orleans piano style handed down through the virtuosic fingers of exponents such as Professor Longhair, Huey Piano Smith, Dr John, James Booker and others, but he is also steeped in the work of jazz icon Erroll Garner and blues great Otis Spann.
John, James Booker, Professor Longhair and others (rain date July 17);
Professor Longhair is a blues legend, and as a boy, he heard a recording of the musician playing aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.
TOMORROW Perspectives: Hugh Laurie: Copper Bottom Blues ITV Wales, 10pm Professor Longhair.
Along the way, he describes the influence that blues, and in particular Professor Longhair, has had on him.
The album includes songs originally sung by Lead Belly, Robert Johnson and Professor Longhair, and although Laurie's vocals (with his fake US accent) are weak on some of the tracks, there is strong support from an accomplished five-piece band.
Tipitina perform their own take on the New Orleans music of Dr John, Professor Longhair, Fats Domino and Tom Waits.
The album features six Winston compositions inspired by the Gulf Coast, as well as pieces written by or influenced by six of the greatest New Orleans pianists: Henry Butler, James Booker, Professor Longhair, Dr.
The syllables seem to be derived largely from "Tipitina" by the late New Orleans blues singer Professor Longhair, Henry Roetand Byrd (Google will lead to a few performances on You Tube.

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