Profile Modification

Profile Modification


an operation in the manufacture of gears. Profile modification involves removing part of the face of the gear tooth; it is designed to reduce errors in the regular arrangement of teeth on the gear, which give rise to additional dynamic loads and increase vibrations and noise in the gear train. Errors in manufacture and errors arising from deformation of teeth lead to contact of the teeth outside the pressure line, accompanied by a shock. Profile modification eliminates this and ensures theoretically correct contact on the pressure line. The modified profile of a gear tooth is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Profile modification: (1) height of modified section, (2) depth of modification, measured along the normal, (3) modified section of the profile, (4) unmodified section of the profile


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Volume 3 focuses on manufacturing automation, presenting work on aspects such as a fast algorithm for choosing delay time for strange attractors, alkali corrosion resistance mechanisms of Ni-Cr-Cu alloy cast iron, and the effects of roller profile modification on roller bearing performance.
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the other component for the learning process -- specific course with profile modification (Figure 4).
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The gear has profile modification both in normal plane and in a parallel to the rotation axis direction, and also to the root and to the tip of the tooth.
This document will standardize the way CC/PP information is transmitted to a server using different kinds of protocols such as HTTP and SOAP, how proxies can modify CC/PP information by adding their own characteristics, and other aspects of profile modification and processing.
Other upgrades include expanded database targeting efficiencies, improved administrator capabilities and enhanced registrant sign-up and profile modification features.
With multi-application cards, card management is needed to manage the entire lifecycle of the card, from production, card profile modification, application (such as loyalty, e-purse, debit-credit) and key downloading to application removal -- all within a maximum security environment.
Prior to contacting us, the line's process engineer had tried over 70 profile modifications to address the issue and was at the end of his rope.
Use of ECH for gear tooth profile modifications such as tooth profile crowing, root relief, tip relief etc.
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