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proportional representation:

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in government, the term used to designate the means by which a whole population may participate in governing through the device of having a much smaller number of people act on their behalf.
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Proportional Representation


in bourgeois electoral law, a means of determining the results of a vote, according to which the distribution of seats among parties that have nominated candidates for a representative body conforms with the number of votes received. Under proportional representation large electoral districts are established in which each party nominates its own slate of candidates and the voter casts his vote for a party’s slate. To determine the results of the vote, an electoral yardstick (or quota) is set, that is, a minimum number of votes needed to obtain one seat. The seats within a party’s slate are generally distributed in conformity with the order in which the candidates are listed; such a slate is termed a connected slate.

Proportional representation exists in Italy, Belgium, Finland, and elsewhere. In a number of countries, including Australia and India, a form of proportional representation called preferential voting is used in presidential elections.

In the bourgeois multiparty system, proportional representation is the most democratic way of determining the results of a vote, since the bodies elected in this manner are more representative in character. The Communist and workers’ parties of capitalist states make demands for proportional representation, but bourgeois states are reluctant to accept this, since they fear an increase in the number of workers’ representatives in elected bodies. Most bourgeois states use the majority system of representation.

proportional representation

Politics representation of parties in an elective body in proportion to the votes they win
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Jumblat declared his opposition to a proportional representation system during an Iftar (fast-breaking meal) in Iqlim al-Kharroub in the Chouf mountains in August.
The combination of the proportional representation system and Internet fundraising makes it very hard to score a knockout in the modern presidential nominating procedure.
An election will have three to nine winners elected through a proportional representation system.
It's necessary to get rid of California's antiquated winner-take-all system, and adopt some version of the more modern proportional representation system.
The Netherlands operates a pure national list proportional representation system to elect 27 MEPs, meaning his 20-strong team would need just four per cent of the vote to send him to Strasbourg.
He said: ``We would be interested at looking at the electoral system to make it the same as the likely proportional representation system for Scottish local government elections.
Koso, who was elected through the proportional representation system, served as head of the Kinki Postal Administration Office before resigning from the then Posts and Telecommunications Ministry in July 1999 to run for electoral office.
Norway significantly increased the number of women elected when they changed to a proportional representation system.
Then, there's the proportional representation system.
There is a potential in the proportional representation system to foster fringe voices and more extreme views within society because it has the potential to give such opinions a legislative platform from which to champion their cause.
Seeking to ease concerns about party-list groups losing their place in government, he noted that the proportional representation system would even allow more sectoral lawmakers to be elected.
Most of the women lawmakers, who were appointed under the proportional representation system in Nepal, have the impression that the party leadership does not value them as compare to those who are directly elected.

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