Propylene Oxide

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propylene oxide

[′prō·pə‚lēn ′äk‚sīd]
(organic chemistry)
C3H6O Colorless, flammable liquid, with etherlike aroma; soluble in water, alcohol, and ether; boils at 33.9°C; used as a solvent and fumigant, in lacquers, coatings, and plastics, and as a petrochemical intermediate.

Propylene Oxide


a colorless liquid with the structure

It has a melting point of –104.4°C, a boiling point of 34.5°-34.9°C, and a density of 0.859 g/cm3. Propylene oxide is miscible with water in the ratio (by volume) of 1:1.5 (20°C). Similar to ethylene oxide in chemical properties, it is prepared commercially from propylene by hypochlorination with subsequent alkali treatment or direct catalytic oxidation. Propylene oxide is used as a fumigant and as an intermediate in the synthesis of solvents, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and emulsifiers. The polymers (polypropylene glycols) and copolymers of propylene oxide are used with glycerol, sorbitol, and other poly-hydric alcohols in the synthesis of polyurethanes. Certain ho-mopolymers and copolymers of propylene oxide are known as epoxy resins.

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Region market overview covers the following: production of propylene oxide in a region/country, consumption trends, price data, trade in the recent year and manufacturers
The various end-user industries covered in the report are; EDC/ PVC, C1/C2, Aromatics, Organic chemicals, Inorganic chemicals, Chlorinated intermediaries, Isocyanates, Propylene oxide, Pulp and pape, Water treatment and Others (TiO2 and HCl) .
The statement did not give the start date of the production of propylene oxide, which is used in producing plastics, nor indicate its output capacity.
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The Dow Chemical Company of Midland, Michigan, USA, has laid the foundation stone at the Asia Industrial Estate (AIE) site near Map Ta Phut, Thailand, where a joint-venture hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide (HPPO) facility is being built.
Scheduled to be operational in 2010, the new HP plant will serve as a raw material source for the manufacture of propylene oxide (PO).
The 2,400 acre oxides and olefin plant in Port Neches produces ethylene, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycols, propylene, propylene oxide, propylene glycols, nonylphenol, diglycolamine, ethanolamines, morpholine and surfactants for intermediate and end-use products such as antifreeze, detergents, shampoos, soaps, textiles and waxes.
The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:Dow) announced today that the SCG-Dow Group, a joint venture between Dow and Siam Cement Group, has finalized the start-up of its new propylene oxide (PO) facility in Thailand by successfully completing its full capacity performance test.