see Prostĕjov Czech Republic.
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In the present study, we observed that atrazine exerted estrogen-like activity in ovarian and breast cancer cells and in CAFs through GPER, which mediated estrogen signals, as reported in previous studies (reviewed by Prossnitz and Barton 2014).
Prossnitz, (2,3) Anna Rita Cappello, (1) Vincenza Dolce, (1) Sergio Abonante, (1) Vincenzo Pezzi, (1) and Marcello Maggiolini (1)
Scientists from other UNM departments will include Bruce Edwards and Larry Sklar from Pathology, Eric Prossnitz from Cell Biology and Physiology, Tudor Oprea, David vander Jagt and Robert Royer from Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
Edwards BS, Kuckuck FW, Prossnitz ER, Ransom JT, Sklar LA.