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Total Phase, a provider of industry-leading USB, I2C, SPI, and CAN embedded systems tools, announced the release of their new series of Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzers.
If you don't use an oscilloscope regularly, a traditional protocol analyzer is likely a better fit.
We strongly recommend that our customers utilize protocol analyzer software if they want to be major players in the Bluetooth realm," said Lance Watson, an applications engineer with CSR, the world-leading provider of Bluetooth chips.
Typically a protocol analyzer will make it obvious to the user if signal integrity is a problem by highlighting errors in red.
To analyze high-speed data buses and for complex applications with many different protocols, you really need a proper protocol analyzer.
Very importantly, Chameleon sets a new price point for the 3G protocol analyzer market.
The Agilent E2930A Exerciser and Protocol Analyzer for PCI-X 2.
FTS ProDecoder can be used with Frontline's protocol analyzers Serialtest(R) (serial data analyzer) and Ethertest(R) (Ethernet LAN analyzer).
The Summit T2-16 Protocol Analyzer has multiple ways to help users optimize power management in PCI Express designs.
2, a robust, low-cost protocol analyzer and the first traffic management and troubleshooting tool for shared and switched environments to offer Voice over IP (VoIP) H.