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Proxy servers are Internet services that allow bloggers to hide their IP addresses.
But perhaps the most significant limitation of legacy proxy servers was their lack of scalability.
Furthermore, this newly granted patent is applicable to a variety of computer systems or networks including, but not limited to, firewall systems such as application-level gateways or proxy servers.
Finally, proxy servers are able to improve end-user performance by saving (caching) the results of Web requests for a certain amount of time and re-serving that content to users the next time around.
F5's BIG-IP solution provides carrier-grade performance and effectively scales SIP traffic through its unique ability to Intercept, Inspect, Transform and Direct traffic flowing through SIP proxy servers.
Netegrity, has a new reverse proxy server product which provides a secure gateway into a company's Web site.
A proxy server is slightly different from a firewall in that a proxy server does not allow direct access to an authorized computer system.
Nasdaq: VRSO), a global provider of next generation network solutions, announced today the general availability of a Network Abuse Detection feature for its NetSpective[R] enterprise Web filter, which can identify, track, and terminate abusive internet behavior, including utilization of anonymous proxy servers and continued probing of unwanted internet content.
After brainstorming sessions, a proposal was made to use the proxy server in the reverse mode (i.
Many companies have invested in proxy servers as the primary gateway into their e-commerce portals.
0 provides an added layer of security for SIP Proxy Servers, IP-PBX's, and real-time communications systems from market leaders including Cisco Call Manager, Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) 2005, 3Com VCX, Marconi ViPr, Avaya, Nortel and open-source vendors such as Asterisk.
There are envisioned to be two underlying requirements for SIP Proxy Servers in the market.