Pubic Symphysis

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pubic symphysis

[′pyü·bik ′sim·fə·səs]
The fibrocartilaginous union of the pubic bones. Also known as symphysis pubis.

Pubic Symphysis


the union of the left and right pubic bones by a cartilaginous plate, which has a slitlike cavity filled with synovial fluid.

The pubic symphysis is secured by anterior, posterior, and superior public ligaments. During pregnancy, the pubic symphysis becomes larger and more extensible, facilitating childbirth.

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Incidence and risk factors of symptomatic peripartum diastasis of pubic symphysis.
40) Physical examination findings may include tenderness at the pubic symphysis and adjacent pubic bones, pain with adductor stretch, decreased internal and external hip rotation, and pain with single leg hop.
On all pelvises the length of the pubic symphysis and outside width of the lesser sciatic notch were measured with calipers (no chewing or deterioration was usually present in these areas).
In addition to the usual perioperative complications associated with surgery, pubic symphysis resection procedures are complicated by a number of factors.
In order to produce a Bayesian ageing method, a large sample of known age auricular surface and pubic symphysis data is required so that we may produce a probability model to determine age at death given a skeletal indicator state.
Pubic symphysis separation is a rare clinically apparent complication of vaginal delivery, treated conservatively when diagnosed.
Orthopaedic surgery performed an uncomplicated open reduction and internal fixation of the patient's pubic symphysis on hospital day 3, after receiving clearance from the critical care team (Fig.
An infection in his pubic symphysis was diagnosed, and it caused Osteitis pubis - a complaint a lot of Gaelic Footballers have suffered.
The trapezoidal plane of the anterior wall results from the ventral and more medial attachments near the pubic symphysis and the dorsal and more lateral attachments near the ischial spine.
We measured the distance from the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) to the pubic symphysis bilaterally on each cadaver as an anatomical landmark.
It had a very uncomfortable lightweight carbon saddle, and I would tend to ride with my pelvis tilted to put most of my weight on my pubic symphysis.
The penile shaft structures and pubic symphysis are identified.