Pubic Symphysis

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pubic symphysis

[′pyü·bik ′sim·fə·səs]
The fibrocartilaginous union of the pubic bones. Also known as symphysis pubis.

Pubic Symphysis


the union of the left and right pubic bones by a cartilaginous plate, which has a slitlike cavity filled with synovial fluid.

The pubic symphysis is secured by anterior, posterior, and superior public ligaments. During pregnancy, the pubic symphysis becomes larger and more extensible, facilitating childbirth.

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During incision and drainage of this abscess, the orthopedicians could not identify any communication of the sinus tract with the pubic symphysis.
Caption: Figure 1 The anterior pelvic plane tilt (APPt) is defined as the angle between the plane created by the bilateral anterior superior iliac spine to the pubic symphysis (A) and the coronal vertical plan (B).
Caption: FIGURE 2: (a) Anteroposterior radiograph of the pelvis showing pubic symphysis diastasis.
Upon presentation to the sports chiropractor, the patient indicated a general feeling of tightness through the left lower abdominal region and left anterior/medial thigh, and a sharp pain just superior to the pubic symphysis slightly left of midline.
The following Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) key words were employed: pubic symphysis diastasis [MeSH], pubic symphysis separation [MeSH],pregnancy [MeSH], labor [MeSH], and pubic symphysis dysfunction [MeSH].
I have also identified and marked the suprapubic points about 2-3 cm from each other on either side of the midline just about the pubic symphysis, but I consider the broader anatomic picture and purposeful visualization toward the ipsilateral shoulder to be an essential part of safe technique.
Because they are joined infront by the pubic symphysis, it can become swollen and painful.
Another method of estimating pessary size is to insert two fingers inside the vagina and estimate the distance between the posterior fornix and the posterior pubic symphysis (see Vaginal pessaries: An instructional video, on page 43).
The two joints in the pelvis should be emphasised--the hip joint and the pubic symphysis - which are at the centre of many movements.
Also characteristic are a long pelvis with narrowing at the acetabulae, pubic symphysis widening and flaring of the ilia.
The first systematic studies whose aim was the development of techniques that estimate the age of remains were conducted during the 1920s, and were related to the observation of pubic symphysis and the cranial suture of the skeleton whose age was known [1,2].