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public defender,

governmental official who represents indigent persons accused of crime. U.S. Supreme Court decisions expanding the right to counsel to pretrial proceedings and holding that a person cannot be sentenced to even one day in jail unless a lawyer was provided have created a need for more lawyers to represent the indigent. Proponents of the public defender office claim that it is the most efficient and effective method of protecting the indigent. Other systems include court-appointed counsel from the local bar, clinics operated by law schools, and legal aid societies. The societies are privately funded and offer civil and criminal representation.
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9) The ABA's response to this ongoing crisis has been to encourage public defenders to refuse new cases when their workload becomes excessive.
Joyner for the highest honor given by the Florida Public Defender Association, the Second Circuit PD Nancy Daniels said Joyner "has lived a life of service to the cause of justice and richly deserves this recognition.
Finally, the letter accuses public defenders of being a "fierce competitor" for cases.
defendants with very serious cases assigned to the public defenders are
2 "mandates that public defenders cannot be appointed in their private capacity.
On the ground, some public defenders may have continued to see themselves primarily as public servants, and some trial judges may have endorsed this view.
Davis spent the better part of a year shadowing the lawyers on Chicago's Murder Task Force, the elite office where the city's best public defenders eventually end up, representing defendants in high-profile homicide cases.
Meanwhile, as Super Bowls come and go, Lane County's public defenders eat the ever-increasing costs for everything from health insurance to office rent on a paycheck that's the same as it was when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.
Xavier Caro and his son are still living in the house, refusing to move out because of a demand from Ventura County that Caro pay his ex-wife's $410,000 public defender costs.
We are paving the way for a new system in that we are the first of the public defenders in England and Wales, but the US system has got its criticisms that it is under-funded and the lawyers are not always the best lawyers available.
Marion Moorman, one of twenty elected public defenders in Florida.
A superior court judge, highly experienced prosecutor, and public defender are new adjunct faculty at the University of La Verne College of Law beginning January.