a city in Poland, in Lublin Województwo on the Vistula River. Population, 39,800 (1973). A center of the chemical industry, Puławy has the country’s largest nitrogen fertilizer combine. One of Europe’s first agricultural schools, the Novo-aleksandriia Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, was established in the city in the 19th century.

Puławy is the site of one of Poland’s largest palace and park complexes, built in the classical style between 1785 and 1810 by the architect P. Aigner. In the 18th century it became the residence of the Czartoryski family. In the English-style park are a palace, originally built in the baroque style circa 1676 (architect Tylman a Gameren) and rebuilt circa 1809; the Marynka Palace (1790–94); a church (1800–03); and two pavilions, called the Temple of the Sibyl (1798–1801) and the Gothic House (1800–09).

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Contract notice: successive delivery of reagents and sets for molecular biology in 2018 to the state veterinary institute - state research institute in pulawy and piwet-pib branch - plant.
In the past, Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy SA (WAR:ZAP) had expressed interest in buying Anwil, which was valued at PLN2bn (USD658.
Magdalena Wolska is originally from Pulawy and will be running in the East Belfast constituency.
Michal Szubski also said the potential purchase of the Polish government's stakes in local fertiliser makers Pulawy and Police would not interfere with the company's plans to buy shares in power producer Enea.
Examples include: S22 expressway Elblag-Grzechotki, S8 expressway Radzymin-Wyszkow, and by-passes around Pulawy, Gniezno and Wadowice, etc.
25, 1807, Konskowola, near Pulawy, Galicia, Austrian Empire [now in Poland])
On the territory of the od in pulawy, From the point of sale: From: Pulawy - karczmiska), 826, 830, 831, 840, 845, 847, 851, 860, 874, Od headquarters in pulawy, Ul.
Last year, Poland fended off a hostile takeover attempt by Acron at Tarnow, by combining the company with state-controlled rival Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy SA (WAR:ZAP), or ZA Pulawy.
61/tonne duty for Poland's Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy (up from Euro 20.
Contract award notice: "study of the technological-economic-environmental study together with materials to obtain the decision on environmental conditions for the task" construction of the s12 expressway on the section of the junction of radom south (with junction) - pulawy (junction "bronowice" on pulawy bypass).
Earlier in 2013, the state's interest in Azoty Tarnow increased to 45% from 32% as the latter combined its operations with smaller competitor Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy SA (WAR:ZAP), or ZA Pulawy.