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the forcible removal of goods and possessions, and, as used by FOUCAULT (1975), the enforced deprivation of personal liberty by the state in modern societies within specialized forms of CARCERAL ORGANIZATION.



in bourgeois civil law, a prohibition or limitation imposed by the state in the state’s interest on the use of some property, for example, explosives, narcotics, or poisons.

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2) However, the gold standard for identifying pulmonary sequestration is angiography as it confirms the anatomy, identifies the systemic supply, and shows the venous drainage.
Pulmonary sequestration indicates an abnormal pulmonary tissue that does not have a connection with the tracheabronchial tree and its blood supply is usually from an aberrant artery arising from the aorta or one of its branches.
Pulmonary sequestration is the result of an accessory lung bud that develops from the ventral primitive foregut as it migrates caudally.
Key Words: extralobar, intralobar, Nocardia asteroides, pulmonary sequestration
Long-term cardiovascular consequences of undiagnosed intralobar pulmonary sequestration.