pulse code modulation

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pulse code modulation:

see modulationmodulation,
in communications, process in which some characteristic of a wave (the carrier wave) is made to vary in accordance with an information-bearing signal wave (the modulating wave); demodulation is the process by which the original signal is recovered from the wave
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Pulse Code Modulation

(PCM) A method by which an audio signal is represented as digital data.

Virtually all digital audio systems use PCM, including, CD, DAT, F1 format, 1630 format, DASH, DCC, and MD. Many people get confused because "PCM" is also slang for Sony's F1 format which stores PCM digital audio on videotape.
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Modulation : Pulse Code Modulation ; Sync Signal : Pseudo Random Sync Code Generator Error Check Code : Off - Odd - Even - Hamming Operating Mode : Fast : 320 KHz / channel approximately Slow : 1.
The FT801's functionality sets new industry benchmarks, supporting 4-wire resistive touch sensing with built-in intelligent touch detection and an embedded audio processor that allows midi-like sounds, combined with pulse code modulation (PCM) for audio playback.
TOKYO:6703) today announced the development of three new models of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) sound generator LSIs for mobile phones.
It also supports additional features, including pulse code modulation (PCM) for speech recognition.
Pulse Amplitude/ Pulse Width/ Pulse Position Modulation /Demodulation Kit Pulse Code Modulation and demodulation kit QAM/DQAM Modulation/ Demodulation Kit QPSK/DQPSK Modulation / Demodulation Kit
The processor IC accepts four types of digital input formats, which includes the 24-bit sampling signals required by higher-end digital versatile disc (DVD) audio and Super Audio CD technologies, in addition to mainstream linear pulse code modulation (PCM) digital signals required by compact disc (CD) technology.
As the company's first complete analog line-card solution, these devices provide a four-channel function for analog line termination, supervision, filtering and pulse code modulation (PCM) encoding of POTS subscriber lines, making them ideal for VoX systems in small-to-medium-sized enterprises and customer premises equipment (CPE).
IDT's 2Kx2K TSI switches provide full non-blocking capacities for 2K DS-0 channels and pulse code modulation (PCM) rates up to 8 Mbps in Alcatel Shanghai Bell's General Access (GA) system, which supports aggregation of POTS, ISDN and lease-line traffic with integrated DS-0 servicing, for concentration onto an STM-1 link.