Pumping Station

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pumping station

[′pəmp·iŋ ‚stā·shən]
(civil engineering)
A building in which two or more pumps operate to supply fluid flowing at adequate pressure to a distribution system.

Pumping Station


a structure that usually consists of a building and pump units (operating and standby), pipelines, and auxiliary equipment. Pumping station buildings may be above ground (with no connection between the foundations of the walls and the equipment), semisubterranean (with a shaft to permit location of the pumps at the required level above the medium being pumped), or subterranean. There are also floating pumping stations (located on a barge or pontoon).

Modern pumping stations use manual, automatic, or remote control. Pumping stations are a part of water-supply and sewer systems and are used in petroleum pipelines, irrigation and drainage systems, and navigable canals.


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A SCADA system monitors water elevations at three points, including the golf course outfall, which controls the pumps and sluice gates at the Montgomery Crossroad and the DeRenne pumping stations.
She said it was the local government units' duty where the pumping station is located to haul the garbage.
CLWA's memorandum of understanding also proposes that Newhall County take ownership of the new Lost Canyon pumping station, with 30-inch service line connected to serve the Newhall District.
Two more pumping stations are being built in San Juan-in Barangays Salapan and Rivera-which are set for completion on Sept.
The second pumping station would relieve the strain on the existing one, decreasing the amount of electricity needed to transport water over hills and increasing the efficiency of the overall line, Shollenberg said.
The CLWA has approved construction of a pumping station at the Valencia water treatment plant, a project that is expected to cost about $1 million, said Michael Kotch, a Newhall County Water District board member and CLWA representative.
building pumping stations and hydroelectric power at the height of the lock complexes.
Serving 75 thousand labours working on FIFA World Cup 2022 mega infrastructure, the Public Works Authority Ashghal has completed the constructions of a new Labour City pumping station, rising main, and Treated Sewerage Effluent (TSE) line.