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Milady's supper was brought in, and she was found deeply engaged in saying her prayers aloud--prayers which she had learned of an old servant of her second husband, a most austere Puritan.
He wore the old Puritan dress, a dark cloak and a steeplecrowned hat, in the fashion of at least fifty years before, with a heavy sword upon his thigh, but a staff in his hand to assist the tremulous gait of age.
Ay, ay, you must have known it; for he tells me he is of your party, and a close friend to the gentleman you spoke of -- he that is in peril from these sour old Puritan rulers.
The impression of its actual state, at this distance of a hundred and sixty years, darkens inevitably through the picture which we would fain give of its appearance on the morning when the Puritan magnate bade all the town to be his guests.
The iron-hearted Puritan, the relentless persecutor, the grasping and strong-willed man was dead
The popular imagination, indeed, long kept itself busy with the affair of the old Puritan Pyncheon and the wizard Maule; the curse which the latter flung from his scaffold was remembered, with the very important addition, that it had become a part of the Pyncheon inheritance.
In fact, he showed more of the Pyncheon quality, and had won higher eminence in the world, than any of his race since the time of the original Puritan.
She casts doubt on the conventional wisdom that, by the seventeenth century, English puritans had drawn clear racial lines between Christians and non-Christians, effectively making nonwhites "hereditary heathens" who, because of their race, could not be included in the body of Christ (6).
Jose Francisco Fernandez offers us a collection of critical essays, entitled The New Puritan Generation, which discusses the original impact and continuing cultural relevance of All Hail the New Puritans, a collection of fifteen short stories, published in 2000, and edited by Nicholas Blincoe and Matt Thorne.
Unity in Diversity: English Puritans and the Puritan Reformation, 1603-1689
New Israel/New England; Jews and Puritans in early America.
Matthew McMahon in 1998, its mission is to bring the teachings of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as preached by the Reformers and Puritans to the entire planet in a unique online resource.