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(building construction)
A horizontal roof beam, perpendicular to the trusses or rafters; supports the roofing material or the common rafters.



a horizontal structural member in a roof. A purlin is supported on the principals (girders or trusses), and it supports panels or planking. Purlins are made of metal (solid or latticed), reinforced concrete, or wood (solid or with a closed or open cross section).

purlin, purline

A piece of timber laid horizontally on the principal rafters of a roof to support the common rafters on which the roof covering is laid. Compare with subpurlin; also See common purlin, principal purlin, ridge purlin, and through purlin.
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Purlins are placed on the beams so that each of them would have the same load.
Key equipment includes a fully automatic Z & C purlin roll forming line and fully automatic slitting line capable of slitting thinner gauge prepainted aluminum and gi coils used in making cladding.
The master bedroom has feature painted stone wall, exposed purlins and door to en suite shower room.
Note: In snow country, I recommend purlins above the bottom (12") stops and the first 4" stops.
He advised the owner to fit temporary brackets to hold the ends of the purlins into place, together with props to support the purlins mid span.
Unlike conventional purlins that have a maximum span of about 8 m, the new G-2 purlin can go up to 12 m or more.
First-floor accommodation comprises four double bedrooms with a mixture of pine flooring, original timber trusses and exposed purlins and a family bathroom.
The dramatic-appearing, glued laminated arches and purlins rise to a height of 90 feet in the center and 40 feet at the perimeter.
Both bedrooms have exposed purlins and wall beams and bedroom two, with a window in the gable end of the house, has a vaulted ceiling.